Premium Quality Hay & Straw.

Producing and harvesting top quality hay and straw for over 20 years.

Established in the early 2000s, Red River Forage has consistently focused on providing premium-quality hay and straw products to our customers.

Over the past two decades, our family business has grown significantly, and our commitment to customer service and quality extends to our values of integrity, honesty, accountability, passion, and constant improvement. We understand that you, the producer, know best how to raise your animals. You want to ensure they’re growing on quality feed, maturing healthily for their own benefit and that of your dairy or meat operation. We’ll do our part by sourcing and producing superior alfalfa for dairy, beef, and horse farms.

Reliable and customizable delivery across North America

Quality control at all stages of production with covered storage

We offer multi-year supply contracts

High Quality Straw.

Purchasing straw from a reputable producer ensures consistently high-quality straw, which is essential for various agricultural and industrial applications.

We bale our own product to ensure it remains free from contaminants, and is sorted by cut length, ensuring its effectiveness for feeding, bedding, erosion control, or other uses.

Premium Hay.

Premium-quality hay is essential for providing nutritional value and meeting the specific needs of your livestock.

We prioritize harvesting, storing, and handling practices, reducing the risk of mold, contaminants, and nutrient degradation. This means a consistent quality and nutritious feed source that will contribute to the overall success of your agriculture or livestock operation.

Why partner with Red River Forage?

We primarily cater to beef, dairy, and horse farms from the east coast (NY, PA, NC, FL), south to Texas, West to Colorado and North in to Canada (AB, SK, MB, ON) with outstanding options that support all your livestock and pet food needs. From owning our own fleet of trucks, partnering with carriers, performing regular quality control checks, and providing a steady supply, there are many reasons to partner with Red River Forage.

Do you require a custom delivery schedule?

Improve your cash flow and reduce storage space needs by setting up a customized delivery schedule with Red River Forage.

Our Values.

Our strongest relationships are with with customers who mirror our values of integrity, honesty, accountability, passion, and commitment to quality.

Our dedicated team and well maintained equipment allows us to offer reliable service, multi-year agreements, and a steady supply of wheat, oats, rye, barley, alfalfa, grass, and mixed hay.

Long Term Relationships

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