Growing, Harvesting & Delivering Premium Quality Straw.

For over 20 years we are proud to bring our field to your farm, providing high quality straw ideal for your agricultural or industrial applications.

Red River Forage offers different product options based on your operation’s specific needs.

Consistent and reliable straw production for operations across North America.

With time comes experience, and that is one thing Red River Forage has plenty of! Our family-owned operation has a seasoned harvest crew and dependable, well maintained equipment, allowing us to quickly and efficiently bale, stack and store our straw harvest.

High Quality Straw Free of Contaminants.

Best practices are consistently followed to ensure high-quality straw, free of contaminants to ensure its effectiveness for feeding, bedding, erosion control and other uses. Whether you have a small farm, or a large operation, our team at Red River Forage is ready to provide you with the product you need, when you need it, and at a price your operation can afford.

Multiple Straw Options.

Red River Forage has different product offerings based on your operation’s specific needs:

  • Multiple types of straw (wheat, oats, rye, barley, flax, canola and corn stover)

  • Long, short and medium straw cut lengths

  • Carrier network for custom delivery options: consistent year round schedule or short notice deliveries.

  • Discounts applied for volume, “bedding quality” straw, delivery flexibility and deliveries off the field (subject to availability)

Reasons to Partner.

  • Quality control at all stages: baling, hauling home under roof, and shipping

  • Secure multi year straw supply in swath

  • Well maintained fleet of equipment to harvest at peak quality

  • Experienced harvest crew

  • Straw immediately hauled and stored under roof while baling to reduce weather damage

  • Custom delivery schedule to bring in straw when you need it

  • Cost effective with minimal price fluctuations year to year

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